Air quality information for Sheffield (GB)

Hi there,

@Rohitc from Sheffield (GB) also just approached us. We would like to send you a warm welcome back – thanks for joining us!

In a similar fashion like Air quality information for specific regions, their team is interested to embed some air quality panels like [1,2] on their page.

We hope to be able to assist them on this matter.

With kind regards,

[1] Sheffield air quality data on
[2] Sheffield air quality map on

Dear Andreas,

Thanks so much for communicating my messages here. Hello Everyone!

I am Rohit, a student researcher at University of Sheffield. (Low cost internet of things based sensor networks for air quality in cities • Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures). I have been working on Air Quality issues and had set up a luftdaten network with 100+ sensors in the city.

As second step, also creating a research group at the university called “Sheffield:Air”. For the later, while creating a website, I thought we could have Hiveeyes one of the luftdaten panels dislayed on the website for Sheffield data.

Hope to get some assist on that, as currently I ran into security issues.

Thanks again so much,

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Dear Rohit,

thanks for joining us and for sharing what you are doing over in Sheffield. Great stuff!

If the page you are looking to embed some of the Grafana panels into is public, you might want to share it here and I will add it to the Content Security Policy whitelist. Otherwise, please send me a private message.

With kind regards,

P.S.: We just added a dashboard map for Great Britain. Enjoy.

Dear Andreas,

That looks fantastic, thanks on behalf of GB! I hope to share this to my network.

About the panels I want like to show would be from dashboard, there are two or three main ones I would like to embed if that’s possible please.

Firstly, from this verlauf dashboard

for example:

Dashboard for Sheffield

and then display a graph and the single stats display from this dashboard.

Secondly, for a combined reading from all sensors, I would like to get a panel from the world map dashboard such as this.

I really appreciate yours and others involved in this project for their time and kindness, not to mention the skills! I will share the website details when done, it should be live early next week :slight_smile: Thanks so much again.

Kind regards,

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Hi Rohit,

there are even more sophisticated research-oriented gems on which was the staging environment for Supporting the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) by analyzing and visualizing air quality sensor data with InfluxDB and Grafana.

You will find some humidity compensation formulas implemented on behalf of the research by Hänel, Köhler, Chakrabarti and Soneja and also some dashboards for comparing data from the domestic sensor network operated by the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) vs. the data from grassroots sensors.

All of this whole beauty has been conceived by @wtf – thank you again!

With kind regards,

P.S.: @wtf: We might want to check if we can get the most recent dashboard versions back to aka. I mean the current ones running in production at VMM.

P.P.S.: Sorry, I am just upgrading the system on and experiencing some hiccups. Upgrade finished. Everything should be working again, modulo some quirks because we don’t actively maintain that machine. @wtf: This is now running on Grafana 7.4.1, the upgrade went through without any hassle [1]. It is nice to see all of the dashboards are still working, even Grafana Map Panel what I feared most.

  1. Actually, only PostGIS died but is apparently fine again. ↩︎

Ahh, treasure trove! These are really fantastic works! Especially with the humidity correction work - I have come across the equations before, but didn’t realise the work going on here. This panel is really good, wondering what the sharing policy is to implement the same here, ideal!

Maybe someone would want to collaborate with me on the low cost sensors here for a comparative study on the impact of humidity? I have a few collocated with reference stations.

For research purpose, I might want to make such a dashboard soon with your help.

The website is for everyone though, so some easy reading panels like the one you mentioned or I mentioned in the earlier post is the best so the general public can gauge the trend and current readings. The current ones I mentioned are really good. ( maybe I like the light theme more now!) Thanks,

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Thanks. We appreciate it.

You are welcome. Just let us know about the URL/address you are working on and we will add the respective domain to the CSP whitelist.

Good Morning.

Sounds good thank you :slight_smile: My development wordpress website for the research group is here which would require whitelisting please if that’s okay. I intend to put the panels on the homepage and maybe a dedicated page of live readings through grafana. The website would be going live next week on the below domains. I have acquired these following and will set it up to be forwarded:
and in the process of acquiring

These might require whitelisted as well, I am unsure of the policy. Thanks so much though. The panels from dashboards of the World map, Verlauf and the newly made Great Britain dashboard should be really handy to begin with, thanks again for that Andreas.

@wtf Really good dashboard, fantastic job! Hope this has been very useful in calibration.


Hi Rohit,

Thanks. I will check the state of those dashboards you referenced at [1] and then get back to you after whitelisting this domain.

That depends on what you mean by “forwarded”. If they will redirect to, then they will not have to be handled in any way as the former one is the one and only origin talking to our Grafana.

Please make sure to get Let’s Encrypt certificates. While I don’t know for sure, browsers might be increasingly picky about mixing SSL vs. non-SSL resources [2].

With kind regards,

  1. JFYI: They should really be on to which you should link/embed by using That might be just a detail, but actually there are two different machines where the former one (swarm) should be dedicated to all things Hiveeyes data acquisition. You are partly seeing bits of the development history there where we haven’t been able to keep up with appropriate maintenance. Now, when handing out embed-links, we would like to improve the situation on that beforehand. ↩︎

  2. Admittedly – probably only into one direction when embedding non-SSL content on SSL-based pages. But nevertheless, I believe it is to some extent obligatory these days to serve SSL-only and Let’s Encrypt will get you certificates without much ado. ↩︎

Yes, that’s right it will redirect to I have asked the IT guys here at the University to check on the encryption - good point.

AH, didn’t know about the swarm. I will use the panels from the dashboards in version then, thanks for letting me know.

Right changed all to
So, updated to these:




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Hi Rohit,

sorry for interrupting. I’ve just deliberately updated your post to use [1] instead of writing another response, I hope you don’t mind.

In this manner, we will be able to better keep track of the stuff we hand out to people to use within their own applications.

For example, when the demand grows and we will be able to cope, we might want to serve this endpoint from a different machine and so forth. It is just about flexibility on our end and respective planning into the future.

With kind regards,

  1. It is just an alias to the very same Grafana instance for now. ↩︎

That is fine, I can imagine how difficult can it be to maintain all these. Even the visible part of the work is tremendous, I keep loosing track. Thanks for the changes, that helps. Please let me know as and when I would be able to use them. Excited to bring the data on the website!

I’ve just added the domain to the whitelist of the frame-ancestors content security policy. Let me know if this works for you.

Air quality Great Britain

Air quality Sheffield (GB)

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Oh cool that is fast, thanks, giving it a try right away.

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I just recognized that some of the map panels are displaying PM10 particulates, while others are displaying PM2.5 ones. Let me know what would fit your bill better. Primarily taking care about the whole machinery behind the infrastructure, I am personally not that much into the domain specific details of particulate measurements (cc @wtf).

Yes noticed, I would prefer PM2.5 if its not too much of a bother?

Thanks. I just updated all the custom “map”-dashboards for BE, IT and GB to use PM2.5 data instead of PM10.

I updated your post #11 once more, where all the URLs have been amended by

a) removing all the from=, to= and refresh= parameters in order to use the default settings and
b) adding the theme=light parameter.

Dear Andreas,

Thank you, just to confirm, the panels work now on dev website. You’re a star!

Can I request to whitelist as well please, my bad. The site is actually live here till we obtain domain from JISC. Thanks so much.

Kind regards,

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