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Embedding Grafana Panels into Wordpress pages with Elementor Theme

Hi again,

together with @Rohitc, we are working on Air quality information for Sheffield (GB). There are still some quirks with the embedding of panels, probably related to Wordpress. At post #14, we can see everything works just fine in general.

Here, we might try to figure it out together.

With kind regards,

Hi Rohit,

Excellent. I can see that requests to are being made in the JavaScript console. However, I am only able to see the “Tweets” box on this page, none of the iframe content is visible. I am using Firefox 85.0.2.


I just inspected the source code of the page at and wanted to report back to you about it.

  1. On line 253, there is a missing whitespace before width="1000".
  2. On line 266/267, a closing </iframe> tag is missing.

Maybe fixing those quirks will make the iframes render properly on Firefox already?

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Indeed, I fixed them. The website works again as you can see, thanks so much for spotting the errors. However, the panels seem to be not connecting - similar prior to whitelist.

That made it work, thanks.

I made a mistake on the Nginx configuration. Fixed now!


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Ah yes, solved, thank you so much :slight_smile: is live and working. Very early stage, but it works!

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Great! Enjoy your work, spread the word and keep up the spirit.

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