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Supporting the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) by analyzing and visualizing air quality sensor data with InfluxDB and Grafana


The Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCEL - CELINE) operates the domestic air quality sensor network for Belgium.


We are exploring the possibilities of analyzing and visualizing sensor data together with the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM). The stimulus came from the EU-funded Corona EU and VAQUUMS projects.


Data is ingested from IRCELINE’s 52°North Sensor Observation Service (SOS) by Luftdatenpumpe and pushed into InfluxDB and PostGIS. Both data sources are available within Grafana, where data-analysis, -visualization and -composition takes place.



An overview of the open data published by the IRCEL-CELINE air quality monitoring network is available here.


The development happens completely in the open at

The staging server is available at

Some highlevel goals have been outlined at