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Wetterdienst: A new toolset for accessing weather data from German Weather Service (DWD) based on Pandas

Best-in-class DWD CDC data access library for Python

We just discovered a new gem in the world of data acquisition from DWD CDC using Python.

While taking over development and maintenance of dwdweather2 from Marian Steinbach’s dwd-weather for a while,

we have been looking forward to bring Pandas to the code base for a long time already. In the meanwhile, Jeremiah Lewis started working on that within GitHub - jlewis91/dwdbulk: dwdbulk: Easy Access to Open German Weather Data.

Now, we started to get in touch with Benjamin Gutzmann in order to complement the Wetterdienst code base with some features from dwdweather2 and we are looking forward to talk about the future of Wetterdienst with both Benjamin and Jeremiah.