Panodata Community

Pangeo - a community platform for Big Data geoscience

What is Pangeo?

Pangeo is first and foremost a community promoting open, reproducible, and scalable science. This community provides documentation, develops and maintains software, and deploys computing infrastructure to make scientific research and programming easier. The Pangeo software ecosystem involves open source tools such as xarray, iris, dask, jupyter, and many other packages. There is no single software package called “pangeo”; rather, the Pangeo project serves as a coordination point between scientists, software, and computing infrastructure.

On this website, scientists can find guides for accessing data and performing analysis using these tools (read the Guide for Scientists, browse the Geoscience Use Cases, and learn about the Packages). Those interested in building infrastructure can find instructions for deploying Pangeo environments on HPC or cloud clusters (learn about the Technical Architecture or read the Deployment Setup Guides). For more general information, read About Pangeo, see the Collaborators, or read the Frequently Asked Questions. Welcome to the Pangeo community!


  1. Foster collaboration around the open source scientific python ecosystem for ocean / atmosphere / land / climate science.
  2. Support the development with domain-specific geoscience packages.
  3. Improve scalability of these tools to handle petabyte-scale datasets on HPC and cloud platforms.

Examples / Use cases