Luftdatenpumpe: How to serve fresh data continuously

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continuing the discussion from Luftdatenpumpe: The sensor IDs on are different from those of respectively:

On our Linux production installations, we are using this cron configuration to keep the data fresh.

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Hi @Andreas.Motl ,

if i run:

luftdatenpumpe readings --network=ldi --country=DE --target=influxdb://luftdatenpumpe@localhost/luftdaten_info

the Data is written to the influxdb.

This are also in the cron, but it don’t write the Data to the influxdb.

I am currently importing DE in its entirety.
(I may try to limit it to the Frankfurt sensors later on).


The Luftdatenpumpe is installed in a virtualenv (in a user home).
The workbench user used in the cron has no path resolution to the Luftdatenpumpe and also no access.
I am trying to find a solution for this.
Is there anything simple or any recommendations?

I have now use the full path to the venv python and luftdatenpumpe and then it works.

This is a legit way to solve this. However, if you want to conveniently be able to use luftdatenpumpe system-wide, just place a symlink into /usr/local/bin, like:

ln -s /opt/luftdatenpumpe/.venv/bin/luftdatenpumpe /usr/local/bin/luftdatenpumpe

On this matter, the documentation will be improved with Documentation: Improve section about installing Luftdatenpumpe · earthobservations/luftdatenpumpe@eb4b6f0 · GitHub. Thank you again.