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Developing Grafana Map Panel


Through working on Grafana Map Panel [1], we see many opportunities to improve on the aspects of interactive use.

The development and requirements within Supporting the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) by analyzing and visualizing air quality sensor data with InfluxDB and Grafana are also a driver here.

Andy Maloney has been writing some introductional articles in the very early times of Leaflet already, see Creating An Interactive Map With Leaflet and OpenStreetMap –

  1. We have come pretty far through this Panel’s parent project Hiveeyes. Within the discussions back then, we might be happy to find some leftover gems or things yet unresolved.


Introducing marker clustering

Andy Maloney gives an introduction at Clustering Markers On Leaflet Maps – and others are already asking for similar things for GitHub - panodata/grafana-map-panel: Grafana Map Panel with improved convenience, robustness and features.

Community picks

Occasionally, we are already able to help people with the current state of Grafana Map Panel.

Heatmap support

@wtf is humbly asking for heatmap support again, see also Streamline collection of community contributions · Issue #20 · panodata/grafana-map-panel · GitHub ff.