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Alternative LuftDaten viewer


When revisiting this, it currently does not work, probably due to midnight switchover.

The software already references the data file listed below [1] but it is not there yet, yielding 404 Not Found. It will probably start working again within a few minutes as indicated by the production time stamps of the relevant files.

24_hrs_pm_data__starting_from__2019-11-19.json	2019-11-20 01:58 	12M	 
24_hrs_pm_data__starting_from__2019-11-20.json	2019-11-21 01:58 	13M	 
24_hrs_pm_data__starting_from__2019-11-21.json	2019-11-22 01:58 	13M	 
24_hrs_pm_data__starting_from__2019-11-22.json	2019-11-23 01:34 	13M	 

Nevertheless, exploring the data under the hood might be interesting for all data geeks [2].

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  2. Index of /luftdaten/luftDaten_data_explorations/ld_daten_various ↩︎