Panodata Community

Software Development Infrastructure

Development Sandboxes

We are building solid development sandboxes to assist individuals and teams building custom solutions without efforts. Git is everywhere, we use both GitHub, GitLab and private Git exchanges. For automation, we come from the classic GNU Make and go beyond that by bringing in Python, pyenv, virtualenv, Vagrant and Salt into the mix. Occasionally, we also use CMake and Ansible.


Build and Release Management

We are using fine tools integrated with the development sandboxes in order to automate the full software pipeline when leaving the workbench. We use GNU Make, GitLab CI/CD, bump2version, fpm and Docker to make shipping software a breeze. For distribution, we use both public package repositories like PyPI, Docker Hub and the PlatformIO Registry as well as tools for creating private ones like aptly, Warehouse and Nexus. All of this is part of what is called DevOps these days.