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InfluxDB Fetcher - Export data in InfluxDB line protocol format


InfluxDB Fetcher is a program to fetch data from InfluxDB using the HTTP query API and export it into InfluxDB line protocol format. It has been conceived by Henri Gomez.


  • Export data from InfluxDB in line protocol format.
  • Fetch subsets of data from InfluxDB by using an InfluxQL expression.
  • Optionally transform fields to tags.
  • Guidelines how to rename fields or manipulate values using sed.


wget --no-clobber --output-document="/usr/local/bin/influxdb-fetcher"
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/influxdb-fetcher


influxdb-fetcher \ root root aqi_readings \
    "SELECT station_type, latitude, longitude, aqi_value FROM testdrive GROUP BY station_type LIMIT 100"