Flexible Variable Updates for Grafana

Variable panel

@wtf just asked again for a specific feature he would like to see coming to Grafana. Thanks for bringing it up again!

Other people also have been asking for things like that. See also:


We are continuing the discussion from Wunschliste für Verbesserungen in Grafana - Benutzerschnittstelle / User interface / API - Hiveeyes, Cherries from the Grafana Roadmap and beyond and Grafana wishlist here.

Inline variable manipulation

Regardless of using a dedicated panel as a location for updating variables, @wtf asked again for a way to manipulate dashboard variables by clicking on links, i.e. without reloading the page or navigating to a different one.

I haven’t investigated deeply, but these resources might already outline the same thing.


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I just found two requests on the Grafana Community Forum which are eventually related to the same topic.

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