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»dwdbulk« - easy access to open weather data from Germany


Jeremiah Lewis conceives a well done DWD client implementation. While it is somehow derived from dwdweather2, it is based on modern Python (Python 3.7+ & Pandas). Thanks for this, Jeremiah!


dwdbulk is a library that enables users to access open German weather data provided by the Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD). It aspires to acheive the following objectives:

  • Comprehensive: Covers all relevant data made available by DWD.
  • Accessible: With minimal code and similar interfaces, users can access full longitudinal span for weather stations, both for forecasts and historical observations; similarly users can easily access cross-sectional data for a Germany-wide view.
  • Consistent: Data fields across different time frames and datasets are aligned (e.g. latitude and longitude always in decimal format).
  • Python 3.7+ & Pandas: Uses ‘modern’ Python. Does not aspire to have a CLI or other interfaces. Is not backed by a database. Yields data in DataFrame format.
  • Lightweight: Minimal dependencies.
  • Linux: Given prevalence of containers and the potential maintenance overhead of Mac & Windows, only Linux is targeted for support.


It currently seems to implement acquisition of “observation” data [2] of

  • precipitation for the 1_minute resolution
  • air_temperature , precipitation , solar , wind , extreme_temperature and extreme_wind for the 10_minutes resolution

as well as acquisition of “forecast” data.

cc @wtf