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Displaying JSON data in Grafana

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we probably all know the GitHub - simPod/GrafanaJsonDatasource: Grafana datasource to load JSON data over your arbitrary HTTP backend by Simon Podlipsky and contributors, which can be used to bring JSON data into Grafana easily. It has been initially conceived on 22 Dec 2015 by Carl Bergquist.

However, coming from [1], I just learned that there is also GitHub - marcusolsson/grafana-json-datasource: A data source plugin for loading JSON APIs into Grafana. by Marcus Olsson and contributors, which was initially conceived on 21 Sep 2020. The cool thing is that it can extract one or more values from a JSON API using JSON Path.

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  1. Use URL to provide data to Dashboard - Grafana Support - Grafana Labs Community Forums ↩︎