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newbie problem (?) when evaluating "Match metric name against key value from JSON record" on Docker

Would love to use the plugin, but in trying to set up a basic “Match metric name against key value from JSON record”, I can’t get past the error message:

Unable to load locations in JSON format from “”.

The response status was 0 error.
The content type was null.
The error name was "error".
The full error was "".

This is with running both InfluxDB and Grafana on docker. I’ve tried both 0.8.1 and 0.9.0 versions of the plugin. From the grafana docker container itself I can run a curl to the same URL, so http access from grafana does not seem to be an issue.

Is this a newbie setup problem? Any clues or suggestions on how to debug/log the issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Well, no responses so far … but, ignoring the specific problem I was having, can anyone here offer any tips or suggestions on how to debug / log this issue? i.e. just turning on some logging for the plugin may be helpful? Thanks …